Therapeutic Breath Basics

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About Course

Your greatest tool for true self-care and feelings of wellness resides within you: Your breath. Learn exactly how to breath therapeutically, and why this skill will improve your life.


This course teaches you the simple physiology of breathing, the types of breath we experience and what they mean, and how to harness your breath so that you can breathe therapeutically.

Your breath doesn’t merely enable you to live, it also empowers you with the ability care for yourself holistically.  Once you understand the simple facts about your breath, you’ll be able to effectively use it therapeutically for the rest of your life.


What Will I Learn?

  • Clarity on what the breath is, how your body breathes, and the way simply breathing can aid in managing stress.

Topics for this course


Introduction to Your Breath?

Get to know the basic anatomy and physiology of breathing.

Why We Breathe?

Learn that we breathe to live, in more ways than one.

Three Types of Breath?

Learn to identify the three types of breathing.

The Therapeutic Breath?

Learn what the "therapeutic breath" is and how to perform it.

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Material Includes

  • A written course supplement Google Doc.


  • Physical ability to breathe independently.

Target Audience

  • Everyone.
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